November 2008

It isn’t getting any easier for the South Florida men’s soccer team.

After a dramatic penalty kicks victory over UNC Greensboro on Saturday night, USF found out who it will face in the elite eight of the NCAA Tournament. It’s No. 1 Wake Forest.

The Deamon Deacons (16-9-2) massacred Dartmouth 7-0 in the Sweet 16 today. So the Bulls will travel to Winston Salem to face WFU on December 6th at 4:30 p.m.


USF keeper Jeff Antinella saved three Spartans penalty kicks, and sent cinderella home in penalty kicks.

The Bulls went 3-for-3 in penalties – all they needed – and Antinella denied three of UNC Greensboro’s four attempts.

South Florida advances to the elite eight next week with the win.

Welp, that was pretty uneventful. It seems like both teams have lost steam after a very eventful game.

Neither team has produced any sort of offense in the first overtime period, and it remains 1-1 going into the final ten minutes of overtime.

Nirav Kadam scored the opening goal of the game in the 46th minute for the Spartans, and USF’s Jordan Seabrook tied it up in the last eight minutes of the game.

If this game remains scorless it will go to the dreaded (and ever so drama packed) penalty kicks.


What a game we have on our hands here at the USF Soccer Stadium.

After everything looked sour for the South Florida Bulls, Jordan Seabrook put the ball in the back of the net with just eight minutes remaining to tie the game at 1-1. It was Seabrook’s sixth – and most important – goal of the season.

Nirav Kadam put UNC Greensboro up in the first half with his fifth goal of the season.

However, it’s been all USF in the second half. USF has four shots on goal, compared to the Spartans’ three.

We are set for two ten minute periods of overtime. Golden Goal (first one to score wins) rules are in play. If the game remains scorless after that. The game will go to penalty kicks.


Oh, how this matchup is heating up!

In the 82nd minute Jordan Seabrook has scored to equalize this game at 1-1. With UNC Greensboro hanging on by a thread, USF midfielder Felipe Libereros sent a cross into the box which Spartans keeper Nate Berry deflected. Junior Zak Boggs, then, headed the ball off the post, and fell right to Seabrook, who blasted the ball into the back of the net.

How do I say? Literally, 1,823 people at the stadium lost their socks.

With less than five minutes to play, this Sweet 16 matchup has taken a twist. We could be heading to overtime folks.



UNC Greensboro still holds a 1-0 lead with 15 minutes left to play at the USF Soccer Stadium.

However, it’s been USF with two chances that could have broken the deadlock. Junior Zak Boggs connected on a header in the 65th minute off of a corner kick, but his attempt sailed just inches high above the crossbar. Then just two minutes later, junior midfielder Jorge Mora looked to be taken down inside the penalty box, but the official saw it otherwise. I can confirm that the crowd of 1,823, coach George Kiefer and the rest of the Bulls’ bench was not happy about it.

Nevertheless it’s gut-check time for USF if its to stop UNC Greensboro’s Cinderella run in this tournament. The Spartans are 10-11-2 and have already defeated #9 Loyola in the tournament.

Perhaps Cinderella has one last dance in her …

On the foot of Nirav Kadam UNC Greensboro has taken a 1-0 lead at the USF Soccer Stadium, just three minutes into the second half.

Forward Tim Masters headed a ball along around midfield and his counterpart Tebastso Manyama sent a pass into the penalty area. Kadam fielded the ball with his chest, slotted it past USF keeper Jeff Antinella and did some kind of crazy tribal dance right in front of the Spartans bench.

1-0 in the 50th minute.

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