You’ve got football against Rutgers (by the way log on for the live blog!)

You’ve got the men’s and women’s basketball teams tipping off the regular season this weekend.

However, the biggest story of the weekend will be the USF soccer stadium hosting the semifinals and finals of the Big East tournament here in Tampa. Not to mention the Bulls have actually made it into the semis.

The tournament is going to slate Depaul v. St. John’s at 5:00 pm on Friday night with USF v. Notre Dame immediately following the game (probably about 7:00 pm.) The final will be played on Sunday at noon.

I talked to Coach Kiefer today about his thoughts on being able to play and host the Big East Championships.

“This is a huge opportunity for our program,” he said. “My thanks goes to Doug Woolard for putting in that bid to host this thing. To have an athletic director to take the initiative to host it is great, and obviously it put pressure on us to get there.”

Welp folks, they got there alright.

USF compiled a 12-4-2 record this year, and defeated Georgetown 2-1 in the quarterfinals to clinch the spot in the final four.

It may be tough sledding for the Bulls; however, because the last time the Fighting Irish and the Bulls met, it was a 5-0 route by the hands of Notre Dame. Kiefer said that he thinks playing at home will play a big factor though.

“The crowd is huge for us,” he said. “The students have been great for us this year. We could really use their support on Friday. In a game like this there is going to be adversity, and the times where things aren’t going well, the crowd will lift you up.”

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– K.K.