Welp folks its 10-3 here at Raymond James Stadium. After USF jumped out to a 10-0 UConn cut the lead with a field goal in the dying ambers of this first half.

My quick thoughts:

Well first off, where the heck is the nations leading rusher? Mr. Brown has only 36 yards rushing on 11 carries, and most of that came on a 13 yard rush late in the second quarter. Suprisingly, USF has stayed in the nickel defense, although, Carlton Williams is playing a half OLB-Half Safety type role. Tyrone McKenzie is a man on a mission with 10 tackles here (it is Senior night after all.)

Grothe is obviously aggravated by the ankle injury he’s struggling with … he has 1 yard rushing. But he’s made up for it thru the air, I think he’s hit like six different receivers for over 100 yards passing … yikes.

But J.R. my first half compliments have to go to Mr. Dontavia Bogan … the sophomore has stolen a bit of the show on senior night with his kickoff returning ability. He took the opening one for 64-yards and the final one in the half 71-yards.

The story of the game was Brown vs. USF rush defense and I have to say that it’s the USF defense winning that battle.

J.R. what are your thoughts?

Wow. After being spoiled with a 49-16 game last week (and by spoiled, I mean we saw people score points) we have witnessed a classic defensive struggle. The Bulls have held Donald Brown in check — which is a shock to nearly everybody in the press box. However, the offense hasn’t been able to take advantage of the D’s great half.

When you hold the nation’s leading rusher to 36 yards and a starting quarterback to 28 yards passing, it usually equals good things.

The Bulls’ offense, however, has hurt itself with penalties, dropped passes and a costly, red zone interception at the end of the first half.

Grothe is obviously limited by his ankle injury, and the offensive line will need to do a better job in terms of protecting him, because “Mr. Miracle” doesn’t have the speed to scramble around and make plays.

— J.R.