If you’re reading this, you’re probably A) ready to hurt me with the amount of studying you’re doing B) sick and tired of reading. Period. Or, C) Looking for an update on South Florida football.

Let’s hope the latter is on your agenda. Otherwise, I hope to divert your mind of the pressures of finals week.

Tuesday marked the inaugural formal introduction for the St. Petersburg bowl. Media from around the area gathered with representatives from the bowl itself, as well as Memphis coach Tommy West and USF coach Jim Leavitt.

We were set-up on the top floor of the St. Pete-Pier, and I must say it was a beautiful day. The view of the shoreline, and the sunny skies served as a good time to ask the question to Leavitt: What are your thoughts on being in the St. Petersburg Bowl?

“Honestly, to me, and I’m not being political when I say this, it’s is really special,” he said. “To be part of the inaugural game with a program that started some years ago is pretty special.”

It’s probably more special for Leavitt, himself, who grew up in the St. Petersburg area.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to be in this bowl game,” Leavitt said. “It’s really special for me. I grew up down the road here, and that’s powerful for me. It really is.”

It’s also special for the Memphis program, said West, who’s led the Tigers to a 6-6 record this season.

“Other than this weather right here and coming to Florida, for us, to have a chance to come and compete against the BCS is good,” he said. “To have a chance to play South Florida and play one of the teams that left (Conference USA), i’m not going to say it’s not important, because it is.”

The Bulls and Tigers have clashed before back in their Conference USA days. The overall series is tied 2-2, and the St. Petersburg bowl will serve as the rubber match.

The last time these two met was in Tampa, in 2004. It didn’t go well for USF, as Memphis claimed a 31-15 victory on that day. If you remember, a certain DeAngelo Williams rushed for more than 200 yards in that game. Ring a bell Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s fans? (*Insert Monday Night Football joke here*)

Anyways, stay tuned for more updates throughout the next two weeks for practice notes and interviews.

Also, as promised, I will be compiling a podcast for next week dedicated to the bowl game itself. We’ve been getting some questions about it, and I will set a tentative date for next Thursday to have it posted on our website http://www.usforacle.com. I will certainly link it from this blog, as well. We’ll have interviews with coaches and players, as well as some good discussion. As always, send your questions or comments to sports@usforacle.com and i’ll read them on the p-cast.

As we get closer to game time we’ll dive more in-depth into this match up.

Whenever you need a break from studying … you know where to go.