Well, the first ever St. Petersburg Bowl is half over, and that’s a pretty good thing. Not only has the first half been unbearably long (two hours and change) but the crowd isn’t very loud, or large, and USF has been sloppy on defense.

The crowd was announced at 25,205 — convenient for a first-time game that needed to hit 25,000  — but it’s probably closer to 16,000 people. Not only that, but Memphis brought all of about 800 fans with them.

The best part of the game has been USF’s new-look uni — and the Bon Jovi song I heard in the parking lot of Tropicana Field on the way to the press box.

The Bulls have 55 penalty yards, including two personal fouls and a pass interference in the endzone, that have led directly to Memphis’ two scores.

There have been some good things, such as Matt Grothe’s 13-of-19, 176 yard, two touchdown performance. But, any game featuring a 7-5 Big East team against a 6-6 Conference USA team was bound to be a little disappointing.

As the second half draws near, the Bulls will look to knock off the penalties and put away a team it should already be destroying.