A three-pointer by Dominique Jones has put a spark in a rather quiet Sun Dome crowd with less than eight minutes to play in the game. The three has cut the Syracuse lead to 50-43.

Jones, who has 12 points for USF, made just the third three on the night for the Bulls. USF is 3-for-18 against the Syracuse 2-3 zone, and the three-point shooting has clearly been the handicap tonight.
An interesting play just minutes ago. Junior Alex Rivas was called for his fourth foul of the night, but it was clearly on Eladio Espinosa, rather Rivas. The officials stood by their decision despite claims by the USF coaching staff.

You just think: if USF could make even two or three more three-pointers in this game, it would be a totally different story.

Rivas is sitting on the bench now, which will hinder USF’s chances of stopping 275 lb. forward Arinze Onauku, who has a double-double already, as he has 13 points and ten rebounds.