Class is finally in session for all of the schools across the Big East, and to celebrate, we’re launching a new feature. With so much attention on the Big East as perhaps the best conference in the nation, we decided to turn to the students who cover the league for some weekly opinions. Thus, the Big East Student Writers Poll was born.

We’ll do it weekly, every Wednesday. This week’s first poll features votes from 12 student writers from all over the conference. Each school has one ballot per week.

Teams are ranked on a points system. So every first-place vote is worth 16 points, every second-place vote worth 15, so on and so forth. All votes include action through Monday’s games.

So, without further ado, the results:

1. Pittsburgh (17-1, 5-1), 189 points
Why doesn’t Jamie Dixon get the recognition he deserves? — David Cassilo, The Villanovan

2. Marquette (16-2, 5-0), 180 points
This is the best thing going on in Wisconsin right now. — Giuseppe Barone, The Setonian

3. Louisville (13-3, 4-0), 178 points
Three consecutive wins over ranked opponents means Louisville is adding to good week for teams named after Cardinals. — John Borneman, The Marquette Tribune

4. Connecticut (16-1, 5-1), 166 points
Even though they’re 16-1, still a mystery. — Kerry Klecic, The Oracle

5. Syracuse (17-3, 5-2), 148 points
I don’t know who I would fear more in a fight. Harris, Onuaku, or Flynn. — Matthew Stein, The Daily Targum

6. Georgetown (12-4, 3-2), 127 points

7. Villanova (14-3, 2-2), 106 points
If they could only make a layup… — Chris Hine, The Observer

8. Notre Dame (12-5, 3-3), 99 points
Irish are finding out that road rims aren’t as kind to 3-point attacks as the ones at the Joyce Center. — Borneman

9. West Virginia (13-4, 2-2), 98 points

10. Providence (12-6, 4-2), 79 points
One of the most confusing teams in the country, but definitely has a chance to win some big games. — Mike Gladysz, The Pitt News

11. Cincinnati (12-7, 2-4), 72 points

12. St. John’s (10-7, 1-4), 54 points
That was an impressive win over Notre Dame, but they’ve lost their other four league games by an average of 18 points per game. Ouch. — Hine

13. Seton Hall (9-8, 0-5), 40 points
The writing is on the wall for Bobby Gonzalez after what looks to be another disappointing season. — Cassilo

14. South Florida (7-11, 2-4), 35 points
It’s an improvement from being last, but this team is still atrocious. — Barone

15. Rutgers (9-9, 0-5), 34 points

16. DePaul (8-11, 0-6), 27 points
No crowd, no fans, no wins. — Gladysz