I’ve seen a lot of different sides from USF coach Stan Heath in my time covering South Florida athletics.

I’ve seen a stern coach in practice who is teaching his players how to play the game. I’ve seen a coach who smiles when one of his players achieve something great. I’ve seen someone who truly and genuinely cares for his players.

On Saturday, I saw a man that was very disappointed in two of those players.

Heath was able to shed some light on the situation surrounding last night’s arrest of Mike Mercer and Anthony Crater for possession of marijuana after USF’s 70-61 loss to No. 20 Villanova today.

When someone asked Heath what Mercer’s status was with the program he said “in jeopardy.” This is his second incident while at USF.

“This is just not something that I will accept in our program and at the same time this happened so fast that I need to find out all the facts and make a decision from there,” Heath said.

Heath said he will meet with athletic director Doug Woolard and most likely make a decision on Monday.

Heath said he hasn’t spoken to either player yet.