Last week, we had a unanimous No. 1 team for the second week in a row. Now, our student voters (much like everyone else) are having trouble figuring out who the top dog in the Big East is.

Connecticut barely edged Pittsburgh for the No. 1 spot this week. Both teams each have five first-place votes, with one going to Louisville. But UConn had one more second-place vote than Pittsburgh, putting the Huskies ahead.

Clearly, after Pitt’s stumble to Providence last night, the Big East regular-season championship is up for grabs. Plus, Pitt and UConn still meet one more time on March 7.

The rest of the poll looks similar, besides West Virginia leapfrogging Syracuse for the No. 6 spot. After the poll, we ask our voters, how many Big East teams will make the NCAA Tournament?

1. Connecticut (25-2, 13-2), 169 points (5 first-place votes)
2. Pittsburgh (25-3, 12-3), 168 points (5 first-place votes)
3. Louisville (22-5, 13-2), 157 points (1 first-place vote)
4. Marquette (23-4, 12-2), 141 points
5. Villanova (22-5, 10-4), 134 points
6. West Virginia (19-8, 8-6), 116 points
7. Syracuse (20-8, 8-7), 110 points
8. Providence (17-11, 9-7), 102 points
9. Cincinnati (17-10, 7-7), 84 points
10. Notre Dame (15-11, 6-8), 83 points
11. Georgetown (14-12, 5-10), 62 points
12. Seton Hall (14-12, 5-9), 57 points
13. St. John’s (13-15, 4-11), 44 points
14. South Florida (8-18, 3-11), 32 points
15. Rutgers (10-17, 1-13), 26 points
16. DePaul (8-19, 0-14), 11 points

Question of the week: How many teams will the Big East get into the NCAA Tournament?

Eight teams (6 votes)
The top seven teams in the conference should get in with ease. One of either Cincinnati, Providence or Notre Dame gets in, too, but only because of the weak mid-major group this year – not based on their respective resumes. – Tony Dobies, The Daily Athenaeum

Notre Dame is still a dangerous team and has three of the last four at home. With McAlarney and Harangody, the Irish could easily make a run of two or three wins in the Big East tournament. – Kerry Klecic, The Oracle

Seven teams (3 votes)
The Big East has lived up to the hype. It’s just that certain teams haven’t. – Mike Gladysz, The Pitt News

The top five are essentially locks and Syracuse and West Virginia are well on their way to lock status. For an eighth to get in, wins will be needed in the Big East tournament and will go to either Cincinnati or Providence. – Giuseppe Barone, The Setonian

Nine teams (2 votes)
Providence now has a couple of quality wins that voters can’t ignore, and playing in the toughest conference in the country will help them out as well. Notre Dame probably shouldn’t be in the Tournament, but their media bias will transfer into extra votes and put a ninth team in the field of 64. – Matthew Stein, The Daily Targum

Voters: Bailey Heaps, The Hoya; Catherine LaRoche, The Louisville Cardinal; David Cassilo, The Villanovan; Giuseppe Barone, The Setonian; John Borneman, The Marquette Tribune; Kerry Klecic, The Oracle; Kyle Austin, The Daily Orange; Matthew Stein, The Daily Targum; Mike Gladysz, The Pitt News; Ryan Holt, The Cowl; Tony Dobies, The Daily Athenaeum