A bit of controversy here at Red McEwen Field as Trey Manz looked to have given the Bulls a 6-3 lead in the bottom of the sixth inning with a solo home run to center field.

However, the ball hit the tarp behind the centerfield wall. It was clearly a home run, but the umpired decided it did not go over the fence.

Lelo Prado was not happy. He was ejected shortly after. Well, he’s still on the field going nuts right now. To be fair, it’s for good reason.

It was initially signaled a home run by the umpires, so Manz jogged around the bases. Yet, the centerfielder tossed the ball in after it came back into play, relayed to the catcher and Manz was tagged out.

Still 5-3. Prado tossed. Big East baseball at its finest.