On the heels of kicking senior defensive tackle Leslie Stirrups off the team, Holtz also learned Wednesday that senior guard Zach Hermann, who’s been struggling on and off with a bulging disc in neck suffered last season, will no longer play football.

Hermann practiced until the second day of spring practices with pads, when he tweaked the injury, causing him to sit out until he practiced on Monday.

“He’s been meeting with the trainor and his family for the last couple of days … and they’ve just come to the conclusion — with everything he’s been through, (and) the severity of the injury — that’s he’s not going to continue playing,” Holtz said Wednesday.  “It’s a  hard time for him right now.”

Hermann, who started in the first eight games last season until the injury, has been a mainstay in USF’s offensive line rotation the last two seasons, and was expected to have the same role in 2010.

“It’s really hard time for him right now in a game he’s played his whole life and been really good at,” Holtz said.  “… I feel for him. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.”